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Anna meets Lija

It all began when Anna was planning a trip to Tyria and Machaka paid her an unexpected visit.

So Anna, where would you like to spend your holidays?

Ah Machaka, I didn't see you coming.

That's no problem Anna. But tell me, where are you planning to go?

I would like to sail to Tyria.

Tyria? So far away?

Yes. And where are you planning to go Machaka?

I don't know.

Then why don't you come with me?


Yes. It would be nice if you come. Will you?


Don't let me ask you again please.

It would be my pleasure to keep you company.

Thank you, you're so nice to me.

Both laugh happily.

When do we go?

Tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning.

See you later then.


Next day on the ship we see a relieved Anna and a breathless Machaka.

Good you made it Machaka!

Yes, that was close.

I'm so happy that we already got holidays.

Me too, I was already in need of them.

What is this noise?

I don't know . I'll go take a look. Wait here Anna.

Knocks on their neighbor's cabin door.

Hey, can't you be silent here?

Cejen opens the door.

Hey Machaka.

Cejen? What are you doing here?

Anna comes to check why Machaka is taking so long.

What is going on over there Machaka?

Cejen? Oh no… Why are you here?

Someone has to be your bodyguard.

But I wanted to have peaceful holidays.

Yes, and?

That's without you, Mirek or Arten.

But why? Don't you like us?

I like you all, but with you around, there is no peace. And I need to rest.

Don't worry Anna. I will take care of you and you will have the best holidays ever. You will see.


Elendyl joins the talk, lured by the loud voices.

Hey, what's going on? Cejen, what are you doing here? Oh, hi Anna.

Elendyl? You are here too?

Someone has to take care of Cejen.

What? Why take care of me? I don't need to be taken care of.

It's not for your good, it's for Anna's.

What does that mean? That I can't care of Anna?

The startled Machaka manages to get a grip of himself.

Wait Elendyl, how many of you are here?

Only me, Cejen and Arten. So almost all, only Mirek is missing.

And I thought that me and Anna can have a nice holiday.

Nothing to do Machaka, we are here.

Anna had enough of this talk.

Cejen, you are terrible. Now let me go to my room. I need some rest. Goodbye.

Ok Anna. Don't worry, I already made a plan, what we can do after you take your rest.


Exausted and shocked Anna goes to her room.

Arten laughs.

Cejen, Cejen… You are really stupid.

Why Arten?

Anna is a lady. She doesn't like to train the whole day as we do.

But what should we do then?

We will spin and dance twist.

What? Dance twist and spin? That's Arten for you.

Machaka reminds them.

Quiet please. Anna needs to rest.

Sorry, I forgot.

No problem. I'll go see for her now.

Hey! Why you Machaka?

Yes, why? I can go look for her.

No Arten and Cejen. Machaka should go.

Why he?

Because he is in the same room as Anna.

Machaka gives Elendyl a grateful look.

Thank you Elendyl.

No problem.

See you later.

Machaka leaves.

And what will we do now?

We will do some TRAINING.

No. We need to relax so we can spin.

We need to train!

Elendyl interferes.

Why can't you two be quiet for 2 minutes?


What do you think we should do Elendyl?

We should go eat something, it's almost lunch time.

Yes, good idea. Let's go.

Hey, wait for me. Cejen runs after Arten.

Who is last there will be an old frog!

Oh boy, like little children. Sighs Elendyl.

Come Elendyl! Hurry or you will be last.

Don't worry, I'm coming.

I cant understan you eat it all Arten.That want anythink.Ha,I eat doble.Yes Cejen we know.Doble?Ha you mean half.Whot you think you can eat more that me Arten?I chalenge you to Eat chalenge.No you wont.You alrdy eat so much I wanst feal allrdy good.I was alrdy read in face when people looked on us.But we are still hungry Anna.Oh Cejen.I do it Anna.Whot will you do Machaka?You see.Cejen Here i chalenge you to chalenge .Yes.And you to Arten.Yesss.Noooo.Whait and see .Cejen,Arten I chalenge you to be quait,dont doing stupid thinks,no training,no twisting and you nead to change to gentleman.Whot?Thats no chalenge.Oh whots wrong Cejen?Do you think you cant do it?I do it.You Arten?Yes.Then i do it 200% better.But boys you know whot are gentlemans?No,Anna sry.Ok no problemo I tell you.gentleman is man who healp lady.Is nice to her.He healp her whit everythink.He look good.And he dont do stupid chalenge.Ok?Is that realy true?Yes of corse.Whay shoud i lay you?Ok.So will you do it?I dont know.Its so hard i dont understand it.Whot you dont understand it?You say its chalenge, but gentleman dont do chalenge.If I do it I will lost.But if i dont I cant win.This is so much for me . Cejen stop or i will be crazy.Dont worry boys come to me I tell you somthink.You do this chalenge and we say this isnt chalenge .Ok?Ok Anna.And now go and tray to be real gentlemans.I will .Me to.Cya Anna.Oh sry I was think see you laiter my lady.Have a nice day Miss Anna.Bye boys and take care.Wow we did it.I cant belive it.Maybe we can still change them.Anna I alrdy lost hope.I wont be so happy.I dont think its so easy.Dont wory and if it dont work we can still be happy about some days.

Some days laiter in Tiria
Can I take you beg Anna?No thanks,You alrdy have 20 of them.And me?Whot about me?You are so cain Arten but i can take it .Okbut next will be my ok?ok I promis.Ok we are beck at Tavern I go now to my room and we meet again in 2Hours.ok cya Anna and if you nead somthink we will be....Yes I know thanks all.

2hours laiter
Where are all?I was think we will meet at 12 00 for luch.Maybe somthink heapen to them or they only wait for some of them.Yes thats must be it.No problemo I go eat and they meet me there.Hi is here free?Yes ,pleas take a sit.Thanks.So whot will I take? Do you know the speciality Miss ah?Lija.And yes its wery good I have it to.Ok I take it.Oh and my name is Anna.You arent from Tiria ,are you?No Im from Canta.Nice .Then welcome in Tiria.Thanks.So tell me Anna ,whot are you doing here?Im on trip whit my frend,but they are lait.And you ?Im here whit my frends to.And I have the same problem.But on other side I have free from them .You know they do many nois and they dont let you ress even for 2 minit.Pore Lija I total know whot it is to have frends like this .I can even say who have frends like this dont nead oponent.You say it .You know Lija we can do somthink together before they come ok?Good we go.
So how you like it here?Yes,its nice here ,wery nice contry.I like it to .Always when I come here I must say it .Your not from here?No,no but Im teaching  here on Templ of Age and in Askalon in Serenyty templ.You are a teacher?Yes , I teach on elemental magick akademy.Wow a wizard.Thats nice I have a frend wizzard.Realy?And whot is your profesion when you go here to Tiria.Im a monk.I was think that.You have good aura in you.Yes I like to healp other.Monks are super Anna.Im happy for you.Thanks.But i dont get one think?Whot is it?You say you are wizzard.Yes.But i see you are priest to.Whot How you know it?I can see your spirit.How are you necro?No.Than how you know Im wizzard and priest?If you were wizzard master you can feal the magick winds, and on grandmaster you are to iang.So tell me how you know it?I tell it alrdy I saw your spirit.But how ?None can see spirits not even necro cant.They can maybe sumon death or call spirits of death to sumon them like write or shadow but see spirit that is imposible.I know its crazy but in our contry are some people which can talk to spirits.They call them Ritualist.So you are ritualist Anna?No.You know ritualist have cape on there eyes so they dont use them.They training to see whit thers inner eyes and sumon them to healp them.But Im not ritualist I can see them to.I even tray to learn to sumon them but.Whait Anna.Whots wrong?Do you feal it to?No,whots wrong?They are coming.Who?The undead.Whot undead?Is it some joke?Down.Auch,thanks for knocking me Lija.That was cloust.Are you ok?Yes , whots going on here.I dont know, I only know that when I come here we where atacked whit undead.Whay?Dont ask me.Aks them.But dead dont come alone.Yes ,your right Anna ,here must be some necromancer.Burn you zomby,burn.FIREBALL.Stay beck Anna I do it.Look out Lija on the right. BANISH.Uff thanks Anna.My plasure and now we sent them beck to hell,ready Lija?Ready Anna.  3  2  1.EXORCISMUS.
Wow you are super Anna.You shoud become a profesional exorcist :D .Maybe i will.
Now it time to find the necro.No nead . Whay?He is there.Come out.Lija do you think you can burn the stone ?Yes,and I can do much more.FIRE RING.Ouch let me go you ,you.Whot?Whot ?Do you realy think you have any chance to fight us?I will destroy you.Oh realy?You will be death before you use your death magick.And now tell us who sent you.Whot?Who is your master?I dont have master.Im my own master.Pore little necroman he think he is his own master.Im and im will shou you.I will curse you ha ha ha.Whot ?Whay it dont work?Do you see this lady?Her name is Anna and she will become your biggest nightmare.Whay you think?You know how old you are?Yes of corse. And that you are death or zomby to?Then I tell you somthink,she is bleasing you for the way to Greant.Oh nooooooooooo no noooooooooooo. OH GRENTH TAKE YOUR RESSTLES SON BECK TO YOUR KINGDOM SO HIS SPIRIT CAN REST IN PICE. No noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
You did it Anna.One day you will be the best priest ever.No jokeing pleas.No realy even Dwayna will come to you for healing. :D. Stop pleas or my face will be read. :D .
Your the best Lija Im happy to call you frend.Thanks Anna,if you will nead someday somthink I will be there for you .Thanks.Ok I must go now .Im sorry i cant go beck all the way whit you .My frends are alrdy whaiting for me.No problemo take care.You to hope I see you someday cya.
Hey Anna where where you ?Here.I was on walk .You didnt come for luch so I went alone.Sorry but Cejen was alrdy whit Arten fighting about you again.Realy?Come here my boys.I was alrdy mising you.are you realy Anna.Whot heapen on walk?