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Big Explosion

Hey Lija still working on the black potion?Oh goodmorning Eratar,alrdy waik up?Waik up?Its 9.00 am .I’m here to say you from Machaka breakfest is ready.9.00?So lait?Sorry I didnt look on the clock .Ok Im coming.Tell me Lija how its gong?I’m almoust rdy whit it,nead 2 maybe 3 hours and I‘m rdy.

Mainwhile on the 2nd floor
Hey,come here you little wurm.I will kill you if I get you in my hends.I promis it as my name is C E J E N.Olala I’m so scared say Deny and make Cejen more mad . And whail they run,Cejen stap unknown on dragons ocas.Arrrrrrrrrrr,scream dragon and begin to run.He was so quick like the light and before Cejen have reaget he bite him in the foot.Jaů ,Scream Cejen and Deny begin to laught.Let me go you stupid Dragon,but Dragon didnt.In same time Mirek open dor of his room.Whots gong on?Oh,Cejen whot are you doing whit Dragon?Me?I’m doing nothink,he bite me.Realy?Ask Mirek.No Cejen stap on Dragons ocas,say Deny.You little wurm,say Cejen and begin run to Deny still whit dragon on his leage.Let him go Cejen.Do you hear me ?Let Dragon go.Say Mirek and begin run too.

Beck to Lija and Eratar
So whot have we for luch?Eggs omlet whit mushrom,paprika,tomato and as drink you can have tea,coffe,milk,cacao or juice.Cacao whit eggs?Who can combinate it?Oh ,thats stupid question,almoust half of the guild.BOOOOM.Ouch.Are you ok Lija?Yes ,and you Eratar?I’m fine thanks.Deny how many times I told you don’t run the trepe.Sry mom.Whay are you running here as crazy?Deny drinkem my cacao mis Lija.You’r cacao?You mean my cacao.Your cacao?

In same time as they are shouting on each othere Arten opened dor and run out of his room.
Oh,Im lait,i must hurry,today is omlet whit cacao and if I dont like let Cejen drink it all I must hurry.BOOM.Ouch,my head .This is not realy,how more times i will be knocked down?Sry mis Lija , didnt saw you.Are you ok?Yes , tx for ask.Ok. Hey Cejn did you left me cacao ?No,Deny drinkem it all.WHOT?Say Mirek and Arten together.Denýýýýýýýý.Shout on him.Is it evrything you can think?Ask Lija.I will be crazy one day from you.Can you bring me down Eratar?Pleas.Ofcorse.And whot now?Ask Arten.Frst ,can you tell Dragon,he shoud let my leg lost.And second all on Deny.Aááááááááááá shout Deny.

45minit laiter
Wow Machaka that was super,beast breakfest I ever had.Thanks Lija but Amber and Anna healp me whit it.You shoud thanks tham too.Ok,I will.Hey Amber thanks for the coffe.My plasure Lija,was good,wasn’t it?Yes,wery.Lija?....Yes?Whot is it Anna,where have you been?I was in my room for other dreas and saw Deny,Mirek,Cejen how they run in your lab.They still runing?There’s endure is unbeliavle.Whait a sekond.Did you say my lab?Yes thats whay I’m here to tell it to you.Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,my potion.Lija whait.Shout Anna,but Lija was to fast,even for Amber which was super trained warrior.She must used some speed spell think Amber otherside she codn’t be so fast.So where are you?Dont touch enithink…..?Hallo? So whot heapen Lija?Dont know,I dont see anybody.Are you shore they went here Anna?Yes Lija ,ofcorse I’m.
Eh,eh,eh wow that hurts.Deny are you ok?Yes mom.Whait Mirek I will healp you.Thanks Amber but we nead to get Cejen out of the books and potions.Noooooooo.My black potion.It is destroy.Noooooo.How many times I have told you dont do enithink here.Sorry ….No sorry.Get out of here allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.
So how it look Lija?Wery bed I must start again and dont have materiál for it.i must buy new.But it will take some time.Dont worry we will healp you.Thanks Machaka,Anna,Amber.But I cant let them here alone.It coud be new explosion.Than make some ilusion of you.They are stupid enong to think its you.Do you think it realy Machaka?Yes Mirek is 100/.And whot will you tell them that you go out?We say ,we go buy somthink for you.Yes,and let them clean today.Ok,but we take Cejen whit us?Whay?Who else will care about our bags.Laughts :D

Thats no fer.Say Deny.Whay we shoud clean evrithink?If they say clean lab,that will be ok ,but everyvere.And i fit wasnt enongh cejen can go whit thrm for walk.Thats not fer.Dont worry Deny,I knot our viros setry well and I’m sure it wont be only walk.They go shoping for Lija ,but it cant také long and?They go in shop whit dreas.Say Deny.Pore Cejen,cha cha cha.Čau Mirek,hey Deny.Whot are you doing?Whot it looks like?Swiming?Dont nead to be sarkastik Mirek I only asked.Sry Elendil,but i have enong of clearing alrdy.So why you clean it ?This week are viros on.Yes,yes but we have a little explosion today.You where again in Lijas lab?Hey Erik lissen up , today was again explosion.Laught.I knot I heared somthink.So who was it today?Mirek,Deny or Cejen?So thats whay Lija was so angry when they go shoping.Lija i sout?But she was in lab 3 min agou.No she went whit others.Realy?Are you shore?Of corse Im.Good.Whait Deny you dont wont to go to lab?Do you?Yes,I do.Are you crazy?Lija will kill us all if she hear this.Thats no problem if I mix her new black potion.And whot i fit explodis again?Dont worry Mirek,you knot Im master of lachemy.But black potion is Grandmaster level,master is white potion.dont worry Mirek I will do it and if you healp me its 100/ .Ok Whot?You are bouch crazy.I dont like to have anithink whit it.Come Elendil or they kill us whit them.Hey Mirek promis me one think.Whot is it Elendil?Dont blow up our home,ok?Ok I promis.Uf Say Elendil.Now i can go slep.

And so it came that Deny master of lachemy begin to mix his frst black potion

So whot shoud I use now Deny?Give me the bone pudr and the glass whit yealow wather.Here it is.Good and now we must be wery cerfoul.Ok .One more,whait,ok one more drop,whait,good,now I nead some strong reaktant.Wheer in the Hell have Lija her Stone of Whise?Whot is it?Stone of Whise?You dont knot whot i tis?No.Cha cha cha.That was good one.No realy ,whot is it?Good i tell you.Stone of Whise is strongest magick reaktant in the World.Realy?Yes.Stronger that ampulka of Dragon blood?Hm,Yes.And Grent blue mushroom?Same but Grant Mushrom is blue reaktamt but ampulka of Dragon blood is red.I dont get it.look its same as magic .Its fire magic and wather magic bout are magic but.Ok I understand now but cant we still use them?You say it like it soudny b eso hard to get them.Whot you have the ampulka of Dragon blood?Yes.Dont be sealy.Where you can get it?I Miller many Dragons,did you forot it?Yes.Ok I go for it.Good.Ok her eis it.the Dragon Ampul and here‘s the greant blue mushrom.Aber,aber aber.Whot aber i say heer i tis.Wheer did you get it?tell me pleaaaaaaaaas.I must knot it From UW.Remember when I Get Backy?She was in dungeon and I saw there this mushrom.So I pick i tup.Whay didnt you tell me?I didnt knot that this are Greants mushroms.I Winter them for omlet but Amber say this are poisoned so betther shoudnt even think to eat them.You make me crazy Mirek you knot how rare this mushroms are? Sorry .no problemo.Ok give me the mushroom frst.I make an extrakt from it.

20 min laiter
Good now only to mix it whit Dragon blood and we are rdy.This wasnt so hard whot Den?Of corse not .how coud it be hard when Im doing it.And whot about me?Yes,yes you was super asistent.Thanks.Ok now the last part.I must mix bouch elixírs from blood and mushrom together and we are ready.You knot I dont think this is ok.Whot?Whay? We mixed elixír and mom will be happy.So shote wrong?That Lija left the lab whitout anithink to say.But Elendil and Erik saw her whit others.Do you think its trap for us?Dont knot.Better be setry cerfoul Den.Ok.Hey whot are you 2 doing here? Mom?
Ech,ech,ech wow that was strong.i dont feal my hend.Mirek?Mirek?Hey Where are you?Uuaaáááááááááá boom.Uf wow this books are heavy.Are you ok Mirek?Yes,and you?You‘r hand.Is it broken?No it will be ok.Good.H? Where is Lija?Mom,Mom where are you?Answer pleas.OH her eis she.Come ,hurry we must healp her.She is bleading and have some deep wounds.You must heal her .Dont worry Deny I knot whot to do.dont worry she will be okHow long .Sit pleas Deny I do it.How long?1Minit.Whot?I’m healing her only 1 minit.So sit down pleas.Sry.Can I healp you same how?NO,no.Whay I didnt learn healing like mom say,its all my fault.Deny be quait.Ok.Good Im done.She is whaik up.Mom,mom how many fingers i shouw? Deny let her she nead to ress.Who are you?OH no she lost her mind.Boom.Hey whay did you hit me Mirek?Becose you are in shock.No Im not.Im only woried about her thats all.Whot was here again for explosion?H?Mom?2 Lijas?Whots going on here?Is this same ilusion ?Hey Lija look your is live.i see Anna but how?Whot did you 2 did here?Nothink Machaka.Realy?can you promis it?Eh.I think so.Whey whot did i miss
?Whot 2 Lijas?Do I see double?No Cejen thats Mirek And Denys work.They make Lijas ilusion live.But how?Thats crazy.Cejen can you healp me to bring her to my room?Ofcorse Amber.Whait i healp you.No you dont I have somthink to tell you Mirek and you Deny stay here 2 we must talk.But mom.Machaka can you take a look on her.OK Lija I will care about her.Thank Machaka.Whait Machaka i healp you .Thank Anna.The End