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Machaka Azure

Machaka Azure is the founder of our guild. It was him alone who decided to leave our comfort in Shing Jea Monastery and go search new adventures after 3 anonymous persons (M, C, A) made Master Togo mad. Later he got some desolate island from the dwarf king Jalis Ironhamer and with his frends they made it to their new home.

Amber Seas

Amber is a female warrior. Female warriors are so nice and pretty and very deadly. Amber was in many battles and fought against many humans such as Luxons, Kurzicks and White mantle, monsters like the Charr, the demon Kanaxai, the enraged forest spirit Urgoz, the Undead Lich and Shiro Tagachi. Her endurance is so big that even the evil god Abaddon couldn't kill her. Now that Abaddon is dead, Kormir the new goddess of truth gave Amber her blessing as thanks for her service.

Lija Kejn

Lija is a wizard and a priestess in 1 person. She was teaching at Serenity Temple and in Temple of the Ages. Many mages and wizards learnt from her at the elementalist academy. But in her heart she was still priestess and a healer. When she met Mirek Slayer fighting the evil Charr she understood that she is needed in his group. From this day on they are the best friends ever. Lija has a daughter named Katja who is a ranger and a son named Den lesser who is a necromancer.

Katja Rose

Meka Mine

First was the guild, later come the castle. After Machaka Azure get to the Desolate Island, it was very necessary to rebuild it for leaving on it again. And because we didn’t like to build many tents we prefer to build rather a castle. Of course some of us have many idea what must be there. For example Cejen needed an arena, Mirek big pool and even Lija wanted to get library. But the library must be very big, very, very big and so she got one floor of her own. There were many books and maps and even a telescope so she can see the stars and chemical laboratory. This was Lija’s world, her kingdom. Here she could do everything she wanted. She secretly planned and carry out her experiments. Yes secretly. And of course when something has to do with secret, Deny or Mirek couldn’t stay away. What came out? Something catastrophic and unpredictable. One day Lija had to go out. She hoped nobody will find out that she make special experiment - an illusion of herself. Poor Lija, she didn’t saw Deny and Mirek sneaking around! All she heard later was a big explosion in her laboratory…That was the day she never forgot. Enormous energy was released in the explosion which launched a special process - illusion of herself came to life - Meka Mine. Charming, lovely, delightful, fascinating, breathtaking and enchanting Mesmer being entered Machaka Azure guild family.

Den Lesser

.....Death to all who oppose me.....
It's said that when you meet a necromancer you have 5 seconds to kill him, otherwise you are dead. If you meet Den Lesser begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting and make him angry you have less than 2 seconds to do it. And you can be sure not even death will save you from his wrath.

Mirek Slayer

Someone say he is crayzi,others that he must be kamikatze or 1/2 God.But one think is sure.When he promis something he do it.Even if he shoud make from vampire human again.

Hexar The Warrior

Hexar is a Dragon warrior from the Dragon island. He is the champion of the dragon warriors and leader of his dragon flock. Legends say that the Dragon island is so dangerous that only the strongest of people can live there side by side with dragons. And if one day C E J E N, Elendyl and Amber didn't arrive by mistake he would never be defeated. Now as he knows how it is to be no.2 he left his home to take revenge.

Erik Zorec

Erik is a ranger from Old Ascalon. He was hunter when the Charr attacked Ascalon. Same as all of Ascalons wariors he began to fight the Charr and became a bounty hunter. After the titans were destroyed by members of Machakas piratensbande he became a member of their guild. He hopes he can learn to become a better sniper so he can cast out the rest of the Charr from Ascalon and bring back peace.


C E J E N is as brave as strong. If Kurzicks had known C E J E N before the 1st Juggernaut was made, they would have given them another name. C E J E N never turns down any challenge. Once he challenged Mirek Slayer to climb up the highest montain in the Shiverpeaks with 1 hand bound to their backs and an eyepatch on both eyes. And if Arten wouldn't protest against the eyepatches they would probably get themselves killed.

Elendyl warrior

Look there is a wolf and there is another one. How many are here?
Dont know but there must be twenty when Elendil is here. Elendyl?
You think the wolf-warrior Elendyl? The warrior who is better wolf-charmer
than any ranger, frontiersman(hraničař) or beatsmaster? Whot is he doing here?

Eratar of Life

Eratar of life was one of frst wizzards who trayed resurect dead.Later this mistrs of elemental and dead magic was nameed necromancers.At the begginig of necromancers only the strongest mistrs of elements coud use dead magic and laiter the bed wizzard thinks more evil magic for her owns thinks named curse.Eratar was one of tree best but he didnt wonted to become lich.Lich is strong form of undead thet have many magical resistens like imunyty vs mind or body magic and controll all other undead.Instead he tray to ressurect dragons.This was werry bed times becose dragons hed almoust imunnity vs magic but he make it. He was frts wizzard who ressuerct bone dragon.From that times many demons attaced him but he survive till now and attaced them beck.Eratar in now demonhunter in disguise as wizzard.
And how can he still live?Easy he know the elixir of live.

Lady Anna

Lady Anna is for many members spirit of there's guild.She is nice and pretty and always happy.When ever she come beck she bring pice and luck to there hearts.

Dark lord Arten

Great Army

Army is neromancer but here abylitys are comanding the undeaths.She is so good that she can comand 50 minions in same time and still do other think.And if its not enong she can summon mursat which was destroy buy Mirek's team in time of propecy.

Golem version 1.0

This version is 1st of golems that was use vs Destrojers.Unexpectedly this firts 2 golems are only which survive the destrojers.When Mirek ask Ola if she sell him some for housework she give him this 2 golems as present.

Golem version 2.0

This is the new model of golems Mirek got from Oola for their guild. Golem version 3.0 is a super guardian and even better houseworker. In Machakas Pirantensbande they are 100 percent online every day. No othere buttler bring you in the morning cap of tea or coffy and somthink to eat and still is heappy he can go clean after your pets do there work :D
For more info tray to call Mirek or Oola.

Golem version 3.0

This is last version of golems make till now.They are so good that only Mox can be better now.