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Pets of members

Mireks pets

Dragon was Mirek's 1st pet.He charmet him in Tiria when he fight in propecy time agains Mursats,Stonesumits and Lich Lord.Dragon is very cleaver and he is the leader of Mirek's pet army.
After Mirek killed Shiro Taggaci again whit his frends they celbrite 2 days and 2 night Toggo's vengeance.It was 2nd night when Mirek saw Toggos spirit in Tahanaky templ.When they talk and Toggo promis he will stay there to proteck Canta Mirek saw 1 Imperial Fenix.But this Fenix was somthink special.He was so crazy that he even didnt notice he shou flay away.1st Mirek though he will charme him for Lija,wizards always have Fenix,but laiter he understand that even Lija magic wodn't stop him.He is so crazy that he even dont understand that he is in magic and go where he like,some time it looks like magic dont work on him.Like he have his own realyty.
Gagacka2 is 2nd charmed Fenix in Mirek's pet aliance.But this Rainbow Fenix must be brother or sister of Gagacka1.Mirek found him in Eye of North when he was there looking for Amber.He miss her but he found Gagacka2.Some1 may say Mirek have luck for crazy pets but its not true.Gagacka2 found him.He was there whit his Gagacka1 and in same time when Gagacka1 wanted aple again appeared gagacka2.There thinking and moveing is like there are 1 person.
Dito is Black Moa from the Echovald Forest.It has assaulted many locals and even hunters such as Zho and Nehdukah. It is feared, respected and legendary among the Kurzicks.When one day Mirek slayer walk through the Echovald Forest he see it attack some Kurziks.He healp them and defeat the Black Moa.After the Kurziks ware save they wonted to kill it,but Mirek say no.He instead charme it and name it Dito.
Backy is a Black Widow from The Underworld.When Mirek fight there whit his frends they were attacked buy many arachnids.But not all was evil,some of them was still neutral and when the fight was win,Mirek charm 1 of them for memory and name her Backy.

Meka Venty

When Zho tell others how she engender Onyx her black moa,evryone in the guild tray to engender they own black moa chicks.Same did Meka.But she give her egg somthink of her love.She care of it and get somthink strange.Moa bird was somthink strange,but Mirek's black moa was samthink special.But whot is more strange?Moa bird?Black Moa?Or White Moa 1st and only white Moa on the word?

Machaka Azure


Amber's pets


Katja's Pet